Lab Overview

Quality control and improvement are important business strategies for many industries, including manufacturing, health care, and financial areas. Our lab focuses on developing concepts, theorems, and methodologies for quality and productivity improvement. The research includes statistical process control, reliability, process mining, artificial intelligence, spatiotemporal modeling, and systems simulation.

Research Fields

˙Statistical Quality Design:
Study of six sigma in process control and service system
Implementation of artificial immune system applied to quality controls
Study on multivariate control charts
Application of artificial intelligence in process control
Evaluation on multiple production yields
Supplier selection
Tool replacement policy

˙Spatiotemporal Data Analysis:
Spatial and spatiotemporal surveillance methods
Investigating the trend of dynamic shift clusters

˙Reliability Engineering:
Research topics include verifying failure mode, applying Genetic Algorithms to dynamic reliability, studying the replacement strategy for opportunity-based age of multi-component systems, assessing reception quality and reliability of satellite communication system.


-Evaluate reliability system
-Verify multiple failure modes
-Explore CPFR in logistics
-Analyze the spread out of diseases
-Evaluate the level of pollution
-Identify and classify fault patterns in production

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